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 ‘Oddville: A Love Story’ is bringing laughter to the Playhouse at Westport Plaza.

The show, which is described as a mix of Blue Man Group meets The Forty-Year-Old Virgin, will be performed Dec. 27 through Dec. 30.

“Oddville: A Love Story?,” the appealing show at the Playhouse @ Westport Plaza, involves video, music and mime.

Mime? Oh yes. But this is not the mime of a little man in white-face and beret who keeps getting trapped in an invisible box

St. Louis has a very savvy theater community. While we love our standards, we also love to see what else is out there. Co-creators Dave Shirley and Bob Dubac want to take the St. Louis audience on a strange and wonderful trip with their creation, Oddville – A Love Story? Shirley, a veteran of theatre and TV—he appeared on Season 8 of America’s Got Talent—wants to push the envelope with a non-speaking show utilizing his brilliant manipulation of technology.

The weather hasn't really made it feel like Christmas is upon us, but there's a show at the Playhouse at Westport Plaza that can help get you in the spirit. Photojournalist Randy Schwentker has a preview of An Unforgettable Nat King Cole Christmas.

Chicago-based performer Evan Tyrone Martin didn’t know it at the time, but suiting up as music legend Nat King Cole was a role he had been preparing his whole life.

Sister's Christmas Catechism has had audiences laughing out loud this week at the Playhouse at Westport. It's a show that also makes audience members a little nervous. Photojournalist Randy Schwentker got a chance to sit down with the star of this one nun show.

Sister, the scourge of parochial schools everywhere, is back. She welcomes us to her classroom, where “J.M.J.” (as in Jesus, Mary and Joseph) in cursive is positioned strategically at the top of the nun and teacher’s chalkboard.

St. Louis will soon be treated to a unique theatrical experience. From December 27-30 at the Playhouse @ Westport Plaza, Oddville: A Love Story? will tell the classic “boy meets girl, boy loses girl, then wins her back” storyline in a way you’ve never seen before. The man behind the one-man show is Dave Shirley. Shirley has been in the entertainment business for a long time but got some incredible exposure as a contestant on America’s Got Talent Season 8.

Evan Tyrone Martin is starring as Nat King Cole Dec. 7-17 at the Playhouse at Westport Plaza in “An Unforgettable Nat King Cole Christmas.” Check out our Q-and-A with the star below.

When Late Nite Catechism first debuted in St. Louis it was welcomed with open arms and rave reviews. The one-nun show brought everyone into its flock, Catholics and non-Catholics alike. I, for one, was so enamored with the charming character of Sister and her strict classroom that I took my friend’s mother (who was an ex-nun) to see it again. I then went a third time. Playwrights Vicki Quade and Maripat Donovan re-created what it felt like to be in a Catholic classroom perfectly.

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